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Ashok Gehlot reshuffles Rajasthan bureaucracy again with 14 IAS transfers


Prakash Bhandari: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot continues to reshuffle the bureaucracy as 14 new transfers of IAS officers were announced on Tuesday night. Gehlot had effected a large-scale reshuffle in July and replaced Chief Secretary, DB Gupta with Rajiv Swarup.

Gehlot also transferred additional chief secretary health, Rohit Kumar Singh, who did a commendable job during the corona pandemic. Rohit K Singh, as the health secretary of the state government, was the first to draw a blueprint for combating COVID-19.  Rajasthan became a leader in fighting the pandemic.


The Rajasthan model was followed by other states and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the good work done by the state. Rohit K Singh, who was the author of the scheme, was then transferred, as the Home Secretary during the political crisis that emerged when Sachin Pilot along with a group of 21 MLAs rebelled against the Gehlot government.

Rohit Kumar Singh was given the charge that the now Chief Secretary Rajiv Swarup held in the newly announced transfers. Singh has now been transferred from the key Home Department to the Panchayati Raj and Rural Development department.

The state government on Tuesday night transferred 14 IAS officers including two additional chief secretaries. Rohit came in place of Rajeshwar Singh from the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj who in turn was transferred to the less significant Tribal Area Development Department.

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Rohit Singh’s post as the Home Secretary was taken by Abhay Kumar, who was heading the IT and Communication Department,
Rohit Kumar Singh was given the key position as the Home Secretary when corruption charges were leveled against the medical and health department for emergency purchases of COVID-19 kits.

It is said that irregularities were committed in the emergency purchases of the COVID-19 kits and medicines. But since Singh did a commendable job to combat COVID-19, he was given the key Home portfolio which was later snatched from him.

Rajeshwar Singh was removed from the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj as he was a close confidante of rebel former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot. The state government has also kept nine state services ( Rajasthan Administrative Service) officers under “ Awaiting Posting Order (APO) which means they were asked to wait till a new assignment was given to them.

The state government also posted IAS trainee officers after the completion of their probation.

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