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Ashok Gehlot government completes 2 years in Rajasthan


The Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan will be completing two years in office on Thursday. The government has decided to make the two-year celebration a low-key affair because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ashok Gehlot instructs ministers to visit districts

The chief minister has decided to send a group of ministers to various districts from December 19 to December 30.These ministers will assess the progress made in the implementation of the Rajasthan government’s flagship schemes.

The idea is to tell people about the achievements of the Gehlot government. The chief minister thinks that the Congress could not perform well in the recent panchayat elections where the BJP drubbed the ruling party. Awareness about the government’s performance could not reach people due to lack of publicity and therefore, it was decided to send the minister with this mission.

All the Cabinet ministers and minister of state have been assigned various districts where they would go to do the assigned job.

Announcement of fund allocation

Prior to the two-year celebration, Gehlot announced Rs 427 crores for the various state and central schemes. The announcement of the fund allocations have been done to time it with the two years in office.

Rs 33 crore have been allotted for the meritorious girl students. An additional allocation of Rs 33.10 crore has been made for two-wheeler distribution scheme for the meritorious students. This scheme is run through the department of higher education, the social justice department, tribal area development, secondary education and minority affairs department.

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The chief minister also allocated Rs 73 crores for the textile industries. The amount will be paid as grants for the textile industry sector under the Rajasthan Investment Promotion scheme. This will enable the industry department to pay interest subsidy and cash in lieu of GST deposit.

Rs 168 crore has been allotted for MNREGA to create additional employment under rural development. An allotment of Rs 134 crore has been made under the Amrit Yojana. The allotted sum and Rs 43 crore received as central assistance would be used for water supply and sanitation, sewerage management in selected areas.

Rs 29 crore has been allotted under the food mission. The central contribution under the National Food Mission (pulses) received for the year 2020-21 will be utilised in this scheme in 60:40 ratio between the Centre and state.

This will help in additional production of pulses. Rs 75 crore has been allotted for inter-caste marriage promotion. The state government promotes inter-caste marriage by providing assistance of Rs 5 lakh to every couple. Out of this, the Centre’s share is Rs 1.25 lakh and Rs 3.25 lakh is the state’s share.

Rs 3.28 crore has been allocated for disbursement to villagers under the Sariska tiger reserve project. These funds will be given for speedier relocation of villagers living under the tiger reserve areas.

The chief minister allocated Rs 13.5 crore for Prime Minister Sinchai Yojana, Rs 10 crore for Anganwadi Yojana and Rs 16 crore for the staff selection board for conducting various examinations.


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