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Asaduddin Owaisi Moves SC Against Citizenship Amendment Act


Amid the ongoing controversy over the citizenship Amendment Bill, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has once again targeted Amit Shah. Owaisi tweeted a statement from Bangladesh on the law of reforms saying, “What kind of policy is this Amit Shah, that our special neighbor is telling us about GDP and living standards, when you are thinking about scouring the country?” Owaisi further said, “You should write a self-help book on how to break a friendship and lose your influence.”

It may be recalled that AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday filed a public interest petition in the Supreme Court. Owaisi tweeted, “I have filed a public interest litigation against the CAB in the Supreme Court. AIMIM will fight to maintain India’s pluralistic, secular constitutional democracy. It will probably fight using every platform and every constitutional weapon. ”

Earlier, Owaisi had targeted the central government for citizenship reforms in the Lok Sabha and said that a task was being made to make Muslims “nation less”, which would lead to partition in the country. In the Lok Sabha, Owaisi was referring to Mahatma Gandhi saying that for whom he had ripped off a copy of the discriminatory citizenship bill in South Africa. After that,  Owaisi also protested and threw away a copy of the bill.