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As cases surge, Why has AMC stopped giving out details of newly infected cases?


Even as relaxations are being given for Lockdown 4.0, including allowing shops and business units to function, albeit upto 4 pm only, the AMC has stopped giving details of newly infected cases. This means citizens have no way of knowing whether someone near them is corona infected or not.

It should be noted that Ahmedabad is among the top three cities in the country to have reported the highest number of Covid19 cases. Earlier, when the pandemic began, the AMC used to give a list of the newly infected patients, with their names , address and area everyday so that people can know if someone near them has been infected and keep away. It also meant citizens could avoid societies and areas where more number of cases were found. But for the last many days, the corporation has not been giving out these details.

Sources in the know said that the decision has been taken after the debacle of the number of positive cases among super spreaders. AMC had tested all grocery shop and vegetable vendors in the city and 709 of them, who were identified as super spreaders, had tested positive for the disease. But they hadn’t been included in the state governments Covid19 tally and almost a week later they were included which suddenly sent the total number of cases in the state on a surge. Since then the civic body has not been giving out the details. Media reports also alleged that the number of cases in the western part of the city has been on the rise and in absence of details, this is not being reflected because citizens just get to know the overall number of increased cases and not which area these cases are coming from. At present all the 10 containment zones in the city are in the eastern part.