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Arvind Kejriwal says AAP will contest UP elections in 2022


AAP chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced that his party will contest the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections scheduled in 2022. Kejriwal said that the AAP government has fulfilled its promises in Delhi and it will form a corruption-free government in Uttar Pradesh, if elected to power.

Notably, AAP has formed the government in the national capital thrice and emerged as the main Opposition in Punjab. Kejriwal said that the decision to contest the Uttar Pradesh election was taken after people and organisations from the state met him and suggested that AAP should contest the Assembly polls in UP.

“Many brothers and sisters of Uttar Pradesh live in Delhi. When AAP formed the government for the third time in Delhi, many people who belong to Uttar Pradesh gave us suggestions that we should contest polls in the state. They said that they were unhappy with the present parties in the state,” Kejriwal said.

Arvind Kejriwal slams UP government

The Delhi CM slammed the Yogi Adityanath-led government saying, “Today, people in UP are forced to come to Delhi for basic facilities like health and education. Can the biggest state in India not become the most developed state too?”

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“UP’s dirty politics and corrupt leaders and blocking the state’s development. Locals have given a chance to all the parties. But every government has set new records of corruption,” he said.

Kejriwal added, “If government hospitals in Delhi can improve, people here can get free electricity 24×7, why can’t the same happen in UP? Why does not the schools in the neighbouring state meet standards when Delhi’s government schools can set the benchmark? For women’s safety, we’ve installed CCTVs everywhere but crimes against women continue to rise in UP.”

Notably, AAP has been consistently trying to expand its political base beyond the national capital and Punjab.


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