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Arjun Modhwadia says Gujarat hiding actual COVID-19 death statistics


The Gujarat Congress on Wednesday said the actual fatalities due to COVID-19 in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Jamnagar were being misrepresented by the government to hide its inefficiency in handling the pandemic.

Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia said there is a huge difference between the fatality figures being quoted by the government and the COVID-19 cremation data at crematoriums in the four cities.

“Small towns and villages in the state are turning into hotspots but the Gujarat government is busy organising Namaste Patil programmes and BJP is playing the role of a super spreader,” said Arjun Modhwadia.

He said the discrepancy in COVID-19 death figures released by the government and those at crematoriums make it clear that the government is trying to bury the actual numbers.

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Arjun Modhwadi said the data is being manipulated by the government to show that the pandemic is under control but the crematorium data of these four cities show how poorly the pandemic has been handled.

BJP turned super spreader: Arjun Modhwadia

He said that instead of directly revealing the COVID-19 deaths that were happening in COVID hospitals, the state formed a death audit committee. 

Congress alleged that the committee was busy passing off the cause of death as other reasons instead of COVID-19.

Arjun Modhwadia said that even as the people of the state followed COVID-19 norms, the BJP itself was turning into a superspreader under the leadership of Gujarat BJP president CR Patil. 

“The Saurashtra and North Gujarat rallies of Patil Bhau’s Namaste Patil programmes laid the red carpet to welcome COVID-19,” said Modhwadia. 

He said both Patil and several other BJP leaders eventually got infected and Saurashtra and North Gujarat are now seeing a surge in cases.

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When COVID-19 was at its peak in Ahmedabad in May, the crematorium in the city recorded 6,147 deaths, which comes to 204 deaths in a day and nine deaths every hour. But the AMC put the deaths at 686. 

In March, the crematoriums recorded 2,685 deaths which comes to 90 deaths a day and 4 every hour but the AMC recorded only three deaths. 

In April, there were 3,052 deaths as per crematorium data which comes to 101 deaths a day and 5 every hour but the AMC said 144 COVID-19 deaths occurred. 

In June there were 4,968 deaths but AMC recorded 572 deaths. There has been a more than double rise in cremations but the government is not able to explain the phenomenon, said Modhwadia.


In the last six months, officially 92 COVID-19 deaths have taken place but the three crematoriums recorded 771 and the burial grounds recorded 38 deaths due to COVID-19.


Officials of the three SMC run crematoriums said every day they see 100 cremations as per COVID-19 protocol but the state government’s fatality numbers are still in two digits.


As per government records, Jamnagar has recorded 26 COVID-19 deaths but just one crematorium in Jamnagar alone cremated 182 bodies as per COVID-19 protocol.



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