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Apple pushes back return to office to Feb 1 next year

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says employees will be allowed up to 4 weeks of remote working every year

San Fransisco: Tech giant Apple has announced that it is pushing back the date for return to office to next year. In an internal mail, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the staff will be able to come to office from February next year.

In his mail, he added that employees would now be able to work remotely for up to four weeks every year.

Cook had earlier said that Apple employees would be instructed to return to office from September. Later, the plan was shifted to January due to concerns over the Delta variant of coronavirus as well as fears among the employees.

He said that they could come to the office once or twice a week for the first month. In March, majority of them will be told to come to office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Those whose work requires them to be in office more often will be asked to come on four or five days a week, Cook added.

While there is no vaccine mandate by the company yet, Cook encouraged the Apple employees to get vaccinated.




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