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Is an anti-incumbency wave in the making in Assam?


The initial indications from Assam after the completion of the poll process suggest that the Mahajot-a Congress-All India United Front (AIUDF)-Left alliance seems very confident. It could be why the Congress-led alliance has shifted 20 of the AIDUF candidates from Assam to the palatial comforts of Jaipur.

The Congress leadership in Assam has received feedback that the BJP –led alliance in the state may not perform well even as western Assam has reportedly voted for the Congress and the AIDUF.

The Congress, sources said, is expecting to get a marginal majority with the political isolation of Badruddin Ajmal, the perfume baron with the AIUDF coming to an end. Ajmal’s party contested 21 out of the 126 seats and 20 of its candidates are in Jaipur.

This alliance is upbeat as it feels that it has been able to prevent the division of minority votes. Muslims form 35% of the votes and it is hopeful of getting the support of both Bengali and Assamese speaking electorates.

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The AICC general secretary in charge for Assam, former Union minister, Jitendra Singh, who is a scion of the Alwar royal family and a close confidante of Rahul Gandhi has in his feedback to the Congress leadership said the Congress AIUDF alliance has worked out well and has helped keep the Muslim votes intact.

Earlier, the Muslim vote was split between Congress and AIUDF which led to the BJP and its alliance partners coming to power.

But since Congress announced its alliance it is hopeful of winning more seats than last time and would be in a position to form the government. Post-election analysts are also hoping that some of the BJP’s alliance partners would break away and would support the Congress-led alliance in forming the government.

Mahesh Joshi, the chief whip of the party along with Congress MLA from Jaipur have been deputed by Congress to look after the AIUDF candidates. Officially, the candidates have come to Jaipur to relax. A large number of the candidates will also visit Ajmer to pay their obeisance a the holy shrine of Khwajah Moinuddin Chisti.



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