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Anti-CAA Protests: Congress to Hold 5-Hour Satyagraha at Rajghat Today


Protests are continuing in many parts of the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The Congress has decided to hold a Satyagraha at Rajghat on Monday against the Citizenship Amendment Act, in which top party leaders including former president Rahul Gandhi are likely to be involved. The Congress will hold a five-hour Satyagraha on Monday at Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi at Rajghat to protest against the BJP government and uphold the principles of the Constitution, in the wake of the clashes between protesters and police over the CAA and NRC.

In this, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra have appealed to the youth, students and others to come to Rajghat on Monday for public participation. Rahul and Priyanka have called upon the people and asked them to make Satyagraha successful.

The Satyagraha, which will be held between 3 PM and to 8 PM, will see Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party leader Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other leaders. Gandhi had been out of India for pre-scheduled meetings for the past few days.

The Congress has organized a Satyagraha on Monday against the revised citizenship Act in support of the protesting students. Rahul Gandhi has said through his Twitter account, “Dear Students & Youth of India.It’s not good enough just to feel Indian. At times like these it’s critical to show that you’re Indian & won’t allow India to be destroyed by hatred. Join me today at 3 PM at Raj Ghat, to protest against the hate & violence unleashed on India by Modi-Shah.”