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Anti-CAA Protesters are Pakistan’s Supporter: Deputy CM of Gujarat Nitin Patel


Arif Alam, Ahmedabad: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani is on a visit to Delhi these days. In such a case, the responsibility of Gujarat is on the shoulders of Deputy CM Nitin Patel. Even Nitin Patel has been walking on the map step of Rupani, going on half pitch and bating these days. Whereas in Delhi assembly elections, BJP tried to infiltrate Pakistan not once but several times, while many BJP leaders also made direct connection of election with Pakistan, so that BJP leaders made CM Kejriwal even a terrorist. Many BJP leaders have also made a protest against CAA in Shaheen Bagh and said that those who are protesting have a relationship with the gang. In this way, after Rupani’s stay in Delhi, Deputy CM has now got open ground therefore he is preparing to play on the lines of Rupani and is calling Pakistani supporters to those who are opposing the CAA.

After the proposal was passed in support of the CAA in Gujarat assembly, the Gujarat government is trying to create an environment in support of this law. Under the same effort, a huge rally and public meeting was organized in Kadi of Mehsana district in which Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel once again made controversial statements saying that people who love Pakistan and Congress people are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act.

A rally was organized in Mehsana Marketyard on Wednesday in support of CAA by the ‘Raashtrahit Chintak Samiti’. Addressing the gathering, social leader Shraddha Jha declared those opposing the law foreign. Not only that, what freedom you are seeking, you have been given the freedom to increase your population. He threatened people who believed in a credible religion and said that if you want to live in India then you have to live as a son, not as a father.

Nitin Patel himself is sitting in a constitutional post, but his statement has come out on several occasions that the country will be swept into the air. Even those sitting on the stage with him are not retreating, threatening people who believe in a particular religion. Not only this, they are calling them foreigners, saying that if they want to live in this country then they will not have to become citizens of the second class. If anyone tries to become a father then they will be taught a lesson. As such, the question arises when will Nitin Patel take the oath of constitution before joining the Cabinet? Leaders like Nitin Patel are openly poisoning. And the Ganga is damaging the country’s culture. Because of these leaders only an atmosphere of hate is also created in the hearts of the people. Gujarat has been a victim of such hate speech not once but many times.

But it is said that all is legitimate in politics and war. Something like this is seen in Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel, when the movement was going on in Patidar reservation in Gujarat, not a single word was coming out from his mouth. While being the Deputy Chief Minister, the police had lower the voice of the agitators demanding Patidar reservation at his behest. Not only this, the police had also suppressed the protesters to end the agitation. In which over 18 Patidar youths were killed all over Gujarat. They were not Muslims But were the people of their own society. Yet they were also repressed for want of political interest. After seeing such a case, it becomes clear that the religion or caste does not matter, but the chair near them is more important. They do not hesitate to persecute people of any religion or caste in order to gain power. Nor in setting up a communal environment because of this, they are able to bake their political bread.

Addressing the people present at a program organized on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that, “Some people are demanding independence, I would like to request Modi that leave the borders of the country open for few days so that anyone who wants to go can go there. No one has held them here. They are hugging us… Hey brother! Go .. You have the full discount to go from here. You too missed and we too. I do not understand the independence and the mentality of the people who talk like this.”

Nitin Patel said that the country got independence in 1947, but you see that some people gather and chant slogans of independence. Who do you want freedom from? Do you need freedom from your parents? I don’t understand it Patel says that India is an independent country and the world’s largest democracy. But they do not know the law against which people are protesting. His innocent children have died due to cold, yet he does not back down from the agitation. So far, five states have sought to withdraw the proposal by passing it in their assembly, and many states are planning to bring a proposal against this law. Therefore, people should create communal atmosphere in the country.

These days many Shaheen Bagh have been built in the country, on the lines of Delhi, Shaheen Bagh is being built in many parts of Gujarat. To end this wave of protests across the country, BJP is organizing a rally and assembly in support of Citizenship Amendment Act. But the leaders associated with the party do not speak anything in support of this law, rather they are giving statements that spoil the atmosphere of the country. Whether you listen to the speech of Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Vijay Rupani, Nitin Patel you will realize that the youth of the country are wandering with their language, as it was seen in Delhi. In such a situation, the question arises that when will these Ministers will understand their constitutional responsibilities?