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Another war? Sachin Pilot writes to CM over SBC quota


Prakash Bhandari: Former Deputy Chief Minister and dissident leader Sachin Pilot has shot a letter to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reminding him of the pending 5% reservation for the socially backward class (SBC).

The reservation was given to the agitating Gujjar community and some others. Pilot himself belongs to the Gujjar community.

The letter written about 10 days ago was made public recently and is likely to spark a fresh controversy between the two. It is likely to have political ramifications.

Sachin Pilot in his letter to Gehlot has demanded that the party’s manifesto is committed to grant a reservation under the new SBC category but is yet to do so.

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Sachin Pilot Reminds Gehlot of Congress’ promise

Pilot in his letter reminded Gehlot that Congress in 2018 promised 5% reservation for SBC.

The Congress government also signed an agreement with the Gujjar community for the same in the year 2011 but is yet to implement it.

Pilot said the reservation was not implemented in the appointment of police constables, lower division clerk, nurses, jail wardens, second-grade teachers as well as other technical and commercial appointments.

Pilot said apart from Gujjars four other socially backward classes communities were granted a total of 5% cent reservation.

The SBC was initially given 1% reservation but it was later increased to 5%.

Pilot said that the work under the Devnarayan Board and Devnarayan Yojana which were started as a welfare scheme for the uplift of the Gujjar community has not been adequately implemented by the government.


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