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Amul Announce Rs 1 to 8 increase in Masti Dahi


While the country is seeing an increase in all commodities day by day, Amul Dairy has also increased the prices of various yogurt products. The variety of masti yogurt has been increased from Rs 1 to Rs 8 per kg in different varieties of light yogurt in 400 grams pouches, 2 rupees per kg and 25 kg packing will be in five kilos.

Due to this inflation, the housewives are losing their budget due to the price hike. Earlier people were planted onions and now the price of Amul Dahi used for taste in all meals has also been increased. The new applicable price has been in effect across the state since Friday. Amul brand, the maternity of 36 lakh cattlemen of the state, has made a million dollars market for milk and milk products globally. At that time, Amul Dairy has increased the price of Amul brand yogurt overnight from Rs 1 to Rs 8.

Milk revenues have been steadily declining for the past few years. Due to the increase in the prices of yogurt, specially used in the production of curry, dhokla, lassi, khaman, shrikhand, mutha, in the Gujarati plate, which was suddenly implemented by the Dairy Union, the light on the faces of the housewives who are responsible for the kitchen has been affected. Onions, vegetables and now the prices of yogurt are also on the rise.