Gujarat Exclusive > AMTS bus operators to get 30% payment for no-service days this year

AMTS bus operators to get 30% payment for no-service days this year

  • The AMTS buses had remained off roads for 80 days during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic; during this time they had paid salaries to the staff, for which they will be compensated

Ahmedabad: Contractors of the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) have a reason to cheer. To offset the losses incurred by them due to suspension of city bus services during the second wave of the pandemic, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has decided to compensate 30 per cent of the payment.

When the second wave struck the city, AMTS and BRTS buses were immediately taken off the road to prevent transmission of the virus on March 18. With the Covid situation under control, AMC allowed the bus service to be resumed from June 6. To offset the losses suffered on account of salaries to the staff, the AMC has decided to pay 30 per cent of the regular dues even though the buses did not ply during these days. For this, AMC will incur an expense of Rs 9 crore.

There are around 700 AMTS buses that ply on Ahmedabad roads. Of these, 650 are operated by contractors. As per the conditions in the tender, the employees had been paid their salaries even when the buses were not plying. However, no expense was incurred on diesel or CNG, hence no payment will be made towards fuel charges.

AMTS and BRTS bus services had been suspended for 76 days during the first wave of the pandemic. Contractors of both the services had been given part payment to offset losses to an extent. At that time, too, the AMTS contractors had been paid 30 per cent of the regular payment, which came to approximately Rs 8 crore.



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