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Amit Shah: Protest as Much as You Can, CAA Won’t Be Taken Back


Union Home Minister Amit Shah today addressed a rally in Ram Katha Park at Lucknow in support of Citizenship Amendment Act. He said that, “The anti-CAA parties are spreading propaganda and spreading illusions that’s why the BJP is running the Jan Jagran Abhiyan, which is a public awareness campaign against those who break the country.” He said that the illusion is being spread that the citizenship of the country’s Muslims will be lost by the CAA.

Mamta Bernerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi are called for a public debate on CAA during a rally in Lucknow. There is a provision for giving citizenship to minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Who opposed CAA, how did 23 percent of the minorities in Pakistan become 3 percent. After all, how did their population decrease. Those people were killed, people were converted. People ran away after saving their lives. Did people with deaf ears and blind eyes not see this? Kashmiri Pandits were banished from their own homes on the basis of religion, then where did the human rights go.

Amit Shah said that you should do whatever you want to do protest. CAA will not return. We will give citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Go see once by going to the camp of Shernathis. Those who used to have have are forced to live in tents. Only because they come from a particular religion.