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Amit Shah says BJP will end ‘love jihad, land jihad’ in Assam


Union home minister Amit Shah on Friday said that the BJP will enact laws related to love and land jihad in Assam if the party is voted to power. Shah was addressing an election rally in Assam’s Kamrup and asserted that laws and policies will be put in place to strengthen Assamese culture and civilisation.

The BJP leader said, “Badruddin Ajmal is doing ‘land jihad’. I give you a guarantee that after 5 years you will not find anyone indulging in ‘land jihad’ in Assam. The BJP’s resolution letter contains a lot of things, but the most important thing the government can do is pass legislation banning “Love Jihad” and “Land Jihad.”

The Assembly election for the 126 constituencies in Assam will take place in three phases on March 27, April 1 and April 6, across 33,530 polling stations covering more than 2.33 crore electors.

Amit Shah takes a dig at Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Amit Shah also took a swipe at Congress saying that the latter had brought “separation and terrorism” during its tenure. On the contrary, under the BJP government, over 2,000 rebels have recently accepted peace and given up their weapons in order to join the mainstream.

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Taking a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Shah asked, “Can Rahul Gandhi & modern Kalapahad Badruddin Ajmal keep Assam safe?”

He said, “Last week was the anniversary of Battle of Saraighat, fought under commander Lachit Borphukan’s leadership. He protected the motherland from the Mughals for many years. Rahul Gandhi who comes to Assam as a tourist, says Badruddin Ajmal is an identity of Assam. But Sankardev, Madhavdev & Lachit Borphukan are Assam’s identities.”

Calling Gandhi a “tourist”, Shah said the Congress leader was seen in the state only for 2-3 days during the elections and then vanishes for the next five years.


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