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Amid political struggle, Fadnavis takes charge as the CM


Mumbai: BJP-NCP have formed the government in Maharashtra. Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as the CM on Saturday. The entire matter has reached the Supreme Court and the hearing on the formation of the government will resume tomorrow. Meanwhile, Devendra Fadnavis took charge as the Chief Minister for the second term.

There were heated arguments in Supreme Court on the Maharashtra issue since morning. Meanwhile, Devendra Fadnavis reached the Assembly and took charge as the Chief Minister. Devendra Fadnavis has not issued any statement on the issue. On the other hand, after submitting a letter to the Governor’s office, Congress leader Ashok Chavan has demanded that Shivsena, NCP and Congress be invited to form the government because BJP has failed to prove the majority. He said that they have the majority to form the government.

The Samajwadi party has also announced its support to the Shivsena_NCP-Congress alliance. The SP has 2 MLAs in the state. Abu Azmi had reached the Governor’s house with the letter of support from the MLAs.

Meanwhile, BJP is also claiming it has the majority. BJP leader Narayan Rane has said “We have the numbers for majority and we will form the government “. It will be interesting to note weather the BJP can prove the majority or there will there be new political equation in the state.