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Amid lockdown, man distributes free alcohol to the ‘needy’


As the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic continues, the short supply of alcohol has left many people wanting a drink. Amid this pandemic, a Hyderabad resident on Sunday distributed alcohol pegs among the people in the state’s old city.

According to a news agency, the person, who identified himself as Kumar, said: “Yesterday, while I was returning to my residence in Hyderabad’s old city after completing my work, I noticed in Champapet area that a woman suffering from convulsion/fits due to alcohol. She was shifted to a hospital later on”.

He said there were other people who desperately needed alcohol. “I had an alcohol bottle at my residence. So, I thought of distributing alcohol pegs to such people,” he added.

Kumar said that he distributed the alcohol on Sunday morning among those people who desperately needed it.

He claimed that his intention was not to violate the government norms but to help the people.

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