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Amid face-off with China, Air Force plans to buy 33 fighter jets from Russia


Amid the Galwan Valley standoff with China, the Indian Air Force is planning an ambitious expansion of the force. The IAF has placed a proposal before the Defence Ministry and is seeking a go-ahead to purchase 33 fighter aircraft from Russia. These will include 12 Sukhoi 30 MKI and 21 Mig-19 fighter jets. The deal is projected to be of Rs 6000 crore.

Indian Air Force and its pilots are familiar with Sukhoi 30 fighter planes as they have been part of the Indian Air Force for decades. Sukhoi fleet forms the frontline of the Indian air attack. IAF is already acquiring Rafale fighter jets from France. Induction of more Russian fighter jets is surely to give India an edge over any regional adversary, even China.

Ever since China-India standoff began in Ladakh, the IAF has pressed Sukhoi fighter jets in action in the region. The fighter jets have been carrying out regular sorties in the area to keep a watchful eye over Chinese activities in the region.

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The main thrust of the Indian Air Force has always been to be prepared for a simultaneous war against China and Pakistan. Though our air force is fully capable to defend the nation in such a situation, IAF is trying to form more squadrons to achieve comfortable air superiority.

The acquisition of more Sukhoi and Mig-29 fighter jets is going to be a big step in that direction.

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