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AMC Vijay Nehra Left the Meeting After BJP Councilors were Abusive


The ongoing cold war between Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner and BJP leaders has reached its climax. At a meeting held in the new West Zone, the debate between BJP leaders and Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner became so heated that BJP councilors were utterly abusive, after which Commissioner Vijay Nehra left the meeting.

At the same time, the congress councilor alleged that when there is a meeting about any problem in the area, why the councilors of ruling government are called on? Are we not a councilor or a BJP councilor?

Vijay Nehra demand change
BJP councilor Vijay Nehra seems to be angry over the work. Not only this, there is also information that Vijay Nehra does not listen to any of the ruling party. It may be recalled that after a fierce conversation on the demand for the construction of a roadway in the Vejalpur area, the commissioner Nehra left the meeting. There is also information that before this, a secret meeting was organized in which BJP councilors were seen mobilizing against Nehra. And the BJP high command demanded to replace Nehra.

The meeting held between BJP councilor Dilip Bagaria and Commissioner Vijay Nehra in Vejalpur. Now the whole matter has reached the senior BJP leader Surendra Patel. BJP members have demanded Patel to replace Nehra as soon as possible.