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AMC school in Ahmedabad calls students for classes


The school board has begun an investigation into allegations that an AMC school asked its students to attend class.

Gujarat government has not allowed schools to reopen due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in the state.


Reports said municipal school number 7 and 8 in Gulbai Tekra area called its students for a class. 

The students were given information about how to get their new textbooks. But sources in the know said no social distancing was maintained while the students were in class.

Doors and windows of the classrooms were closed while the students were inside the classrooms.

It is not yet known who authorised the school authorities to call the students.

It also begs the question of who will be responsible if any of the students are infected.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in the city, Gulbai Tekra was one of the containment zones. 

It had reported several cases of COVID-19.

What officials said

Administrative officer of AMC School Board, Lagdhir Desai told Gujarat Exclusive that the matter is under investigation. 

“We have begun an investigation in the matter and action will be taken against anyone found guilty,” said Desai.

Another official said that teachers had called the students to inform them of the textbooks for the new year.

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Sources said the teachers called the parents asking them to send the students for class. 

A primary probe has revealed that top officials were not aware of the students attending class.

Schools have not re-opened

The education department in the state has not allowed schools to function and instead asked them to teach online. 

Earlier education minister, Bhupendrasinh Chudasama also said that the opening of schools can’t be hurried. 

He had said COVID-19 cases were still on the rise and opening of schools would put students at risk. 

As of now, government schools in the state are teaching students through online mode as well as through television. 

The government, meanwhile, asked teachers to distribute new textbooks to students.  

Teachers have to report for work.

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