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AMC fine 758 offenders Rs5.09 lakh in a day


The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on Monday earned Rs5.09 lakh as fine in a day from offenders for not wearing masks. 

The fine was collected from 758 offenders in all. Among those fined were paan shop owners too.


Of the total Rs5.09 lakh collected, Rs3.79 lakh were from those who ventured out in the city without a mask. 

The rest Rs1.3 lakh were fine paid by pan shop owners, whose units were sealed.

Zone wise offenders

The highest number of offenders were from the West Zone. 

In all, 173 people from the West Zone were fined for not wearing masks. 

The AMC earned Rs86,500 as fine from the zone alone. 

The second-highest number of offenders were from the South Zone. 

In all, 161 people were fined Rs80,500 for not wearing a mask. 

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The East Zone had 108 offenders while the North Zone and Central zone had 96 and 78 offenders respectively. 

Forty eight and 94 people were fined in the North-West and South-West zones respectively.

Rs30,000 was the highest recovery made from various pan shop owners in West Zone followed by the East Zone where Rs25000 was recovered as fine. 

The paan shop owners paid the fine to get their shops reopened.

Only take-home service

Earlier, the Gujarat Paanmasala Shop Owners Association decided to offer only take-home service for customers.

The decision came after the AMC decided to fine paan shop owners Rs10,000 if their patrons were found spitting in and around the shop.

The association said though it supported the government in its fight against COVDI-19, it also urged the state to reduce the fine.

It also questioned the disproportionate targeting of paan shop owners in Ahmedabad and other parts of Gujarat when it came to penalising them for COVID-19 violation norms.

The association had also threatened to move the high court if the state did not reduce the fine.

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