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Alpesh Thakor and company lost Gujarat by-election, BJP and Cong win-win situation


The Gujarat by-elections in 6 assembly seats have been arrived. The battle end with the Congress and the BJP 3-3 seats but the fight came to an end. Already Congress had two seats earlier in 2017, but Alpesh Thakor and Dhaval Singh Jhala both rebelled against the congress.When the dates of the by-election were announced this two contenders had joined the BJP party just few days before.But in this election people of Radhanpur and bayad proved that that they don’t need “DAL BADLU” leader. After the election when the Alpesh got defeated he thanked the people of Radhanpur and told that this is due to casticism and political conspiracy.

Congress Gulab singh won from Tharad

Congress candidate Gulab Singh Rajput has won from Tharad, he has defeated BJP candidate Jivraj Patel by 6420 votes, but in the end Gulab took the seat of Tharad.

BJP Ajmal Thakor won from Kheralu

In Kheralu, BJP has retained its success once again. While BJP Ajmal Thakor defeated congress candidate Babuji Thakor,but the Congress candidate was disappointed by the people here and the victory went to BJP.

BJP Candidate Dhawal Singh Jhala defeated from Bayad

BJP candidate Dhawal Singh had been working very hard since the election dates, despite this, the people of Bayad strongly rejected Dhawal. Though there was a close fight between Dhawal and Congress candidate Jashubhai Patel, there was some delay in counting of votes due to EVM malfunction in the last round. Meanwhile, Dhawal came in front of the media and accepted his defeat.

BJP got success in Lunawada

This assembly seat is considered the traditional seat of the BJP, from which the Bhavesh Sevak has achieved success and defeated Congress candidate Gulab Singh Chauhan by more than 12,000 votes.

BJP won in Amravadi

The BJP has once again won the Amraiwadi seat in Ahmedabad. Patel and North Indian voters live in a large population on this seat. So while the Congress gave tickets to the Patel candidate, the BJP also fielded Dharmendra Patel, playing the cast card. Ahmedabad’s Amraiwadi seat had the lowest turnout.

BJP got a shock

The number of BJP MLAs 101 in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly with 182 members. The Rupani government with an absolute majority is not going to make much difference from the by-election. But the BJP, which claimed to win six of the six seats, has suffered a setback in the by-election. And not only this, the Congress is trying to be alive again in Gujarat by this by-election.