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All Muslims Should Have Been Sent To Pakistan In 1947, Says Giriraj Singh


In Delhi Assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered heavy losses with statements such as calling the Chief Minister a ‘terrorist’, ‘shoot the traitors’. In the coming assembly elections, the party should not be surrounded by false statements. National President JP Nadda summoned Union Minister Giriraj Singh at the party headquarters recently and advised him to avoid further controversial statements. But it seems that the impact of JP Nadda’s advice is not visible on Giriraj.

Mr Singh said, speaking in Bihar’s Purnia on Wednesday “It is the time to commit ourselves to the nation. Before 1947, (Muhammad Ali) Jinnah pushed for an Islamic nation. It was a big lapse by our ancestors that we’re paying the price for. If at that time Muslim brothers had been sent there and Hindus brought here, we wouldn’t be in this situation. If Bharatvanshiyas don’t get shelter here where will they go?

Giriraj said that people of Shaheen Bagh have voted by showing voter cards in Delhi elections. Why didn’t we say that we will not show evidence. He further said, “A student of AMU says that what has hit our community is ruined. Here, anyone who collides with us will be ruined.”Giriraj said, “Today is the time to be devoted to the nation. Before 1947, our ancestors were fighting the freedom struggle and Jinnah was planning to make the country an Islamic state.”