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14-year-old nabbed by Naroda police for alcohol smuggling


Just like underworld figure Abdul Latif who entered the alcohol smuggling business in his teens, a 14-year-old Rajasthan teenager was nabbed by the Naroda police for smuggling alcohol to earn money. Notably, bootleggers are using teenagers so that police do not suspect them and they can easily smuggle alcohol.

The Naroda police on Saturday received a message that liquor bottles have been found from the possession of two youngsters in a car near Gangotri Society. Based on the message, the Naroda police reached the spot where the 14-year-old from Rajasthan was present. Police recovered 32 bottles of beer from the bag of the 14-year-old kid.

Upon primary investigation, the police found that the teenager nabbed with the alcohol bottles is a resident of Piplai village in Anandpuri taluka of Rajasthan’s Banswara district. The police were also shocked to see a 14-year-old teenager involved in alcohol smuggling.

According to the police, a certain Vijay Thakore, a resident of Ahmedabad’s Kubernagar area was with the Rajasthan teenager. Vijay Thakore had brought the liquor bottles to Gujarat along with the teenager. However, before the police arrived, Vijay Thakore fled the spot. The Naroda police have registered a case in this regard and are now on the lookout for Vijay.

Police have seized beer worth Rs 4,800 and a mobile phone worth Rs 5,000. The police have started an investigation in the matter under the Prohibition Act.

Prohibition in Gujarat to continue

Gujarat home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja on October 2 had said that there was no question of lifting the liquor ban/prohibition in Gujarat.

Jadeja, who was at a function to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in Panchmahals, said that many people were in favour of lifting prohibition in Gujarat and campaigning for the same, but it was not possible.

Jadeja’s veiled reference was to former chief minister Shankersinh Vaghela who has often spoken out against the prohibition rule in Gujarat.

“Many people are saying that lifting of prohibition will lead to more income for Gujarat and economic prosperity. We, however, are not interested in lifting prohibition. We are committed to enforcing it,” Jadeja had said. He said that alcohol has ruined several lives.


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