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Akhilesh Yadav alleges BJP of rigging bypolls in UP


Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has accused the BJP of rigging in the bye-elections. The allegation from the Samajwadi Party chief came a day before the announcement of the bye-election results for seven Assembly constituencies of Uttar Pradesh.

Yadav did not explain his allegations or revealed any further detail. He, however, said that he will provide detailed information after the results of the bye-elections. Notably, the result of the bypolls is going to be announced on Tuesday.

What did Akhilesh Yadav say?

“The BJP has done ‘dhandhli’ (rigging), ‘dhokha’ (fraud) and whatever it could by (misusing) the administration. The government had made such an arrangement that the voters could not come out (to exercise their franchise),” Yadav said in a press conference.

Interestingly, many former lawmakers from the BSP and the Congress joined the Samajwadi Party. The leaders who joined the SP were former Bahujan Samaj Party MPs Kailash Nath Singh Yadav and Kaiser Jahan, former Congress MP Bal Kumar Patel, and former MLAs Ram Singh Patel, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Ramesh Rahi and Dhirendra Prakash.

“I will give detailed information after the results of the by-election are declared on November 10,” he said.

RJD-led alliance will win Bihar election

Akhilesh Yadav exuded confidence that the exit polls predicting an edge for the RJD-led opposition alliance over the ruling NDA in Bihar would be correct.

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He said that the tenure of those who “started spreading hatred in the society” was coming to an end.

CM, PM lie all the time, alleges Akhilesh Yadav

Even abroad, those who wanted to rule by dividing the society have been ousted by the people, he said.

“I am happy that there is a group of journalists there (in the US), which claimed that in past four years there, a President lied more than 22,000 times. If the journalists here count the lies of the UP chief minister and the Prime Minister, then it will come out in lakhs.”

BJP responsible for the problems due to demonetisation

On demonetisation, he said those who had no black money suffered a lot and those with black money left the country.

“The BJP is responsible for the condition of the country’s economy. The result of demonetisation is that, till date, the economy of the country has not been able to recover. It not only ended the big businessmen but also the small traders, small farmers and the poor,” Yadav said.

“By demonetisation, BJP won in Uttar Pradesh. It was done so that BJP could win in UP. Not only demonetisation, whatever decisions the government has taken have disappointed the people. The BJP has broken the trust of the people of the entire country,” he added.


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