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AK-203 rifles to be made in India, will replace 3-decade old INSAS rifles

  • High-powered AK-203 rifles will be manufactured in Amethi in UP in a joint venture between India and Russia, according to sources

New Delhi: The INSAS rifles, in service in India for past three decades, may soon be replaced by the high-powered AK-203 assault rifles, according to sources.

The central government has reportedly cleared the plan to produce over 5 lakh AK-203 in Korwa, Amethi, in Uttar Pradesh.

The move is being seen as a big boost to increasing self-reliance in defence manufacturing sector in India.

“7.62 X 39mm caliber AK-203 Rifles to replace in-service INSAS Rifle inducted over 3 decades back. AK-203 Assault Rifles ,with an effective range of 300 mtrs, are light weight & easy to use Modern Assault Rifles with proven tech that will enhance soldiers’ combat potential,” said news agency ANI, quoting sources in the government of India.

The AK-203 rifles will have a range of over 3 football fields. They will be lightweight and robust.

The project will be executed through a joint venture between India and Russia.

The project will be implemented by a special purpose Joint Venture-Indo-Russian Rifles Private Ltd, created with erstwhile OFB (now Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Ltd and Munitions India Ltd) of India and Rosoboronexport (RoE) & concern Kalashnikov of Russia, according to sources.



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