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Ajit Pawar left alone, 2 rebel MLAs return to Mumbai


Mumbai: Maharashtra’s political drama gets interesting. NCP’s missing MLAs return back to Mumbai. There was speculation that, both the MLAs were in contact with the BJP and support them. Both Daulat Daroda and Anil Patil returned back to Mumbai. The NCP Youth Congress has bought them from Delhi to Mumbai. The legislators stayed at a hotel in Haryana’s Gurugram.

Sharad Pawar’s team strengthen

The return of the 2 MLAs has given a big blow to Ajit Pawar. After the return of Daulat Daroda and Anil Patil, Sharad Pawar now has 52 of the 54 legislators. All MLAs have expressed confidence in Sharad Pawar’s leadership. This has left Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar alone.

Three out of the four missing MLAs from NCP have returned to the party. Narhari Zirwal, Nitin Pawar, Daulat Daroda and Anil Patil were found missing since Saturday. However, 3 MLAs had returned on Sunday expect Narhari Zirwal. Party leaders are constantly trying to bring him back.