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Ajit Pawar deceives uncle Sharad pawar, Forms alliance with BJP


Mumbai: After the results of the Assembly elections in Maharashtra, the ongoing suspense of government formation has finally come to an end. Amidst all the speculations, the BJP and the NCP will form the coalition government in the state. According to sources, there are cracks within NCP regarding the alliance with BJP. According to sources Sharad pawar and Ajit Pawar are odds with each other. As per sources, NCP’s 25 to 30 MLAs are with Ajit Pawar.

According to sources, 22 Legislators from the NCP will support BJP. Even after support of these 22 MLAs, the BJP cannot touch the magic figures of the majority. The party will still require the support of 18 MLAs.

It is worth mentioning that, in Maharashtra, voting took place for the assembly elections on October 21. And the results were declared on 24 October. BJP had won on 105 seats, Shiv Sena had 56 seats. On the other hand Congress had 44 and NCP won 54 seats,

Why did Ajit Pawar support BJP?

After taking the oath Ajit Pawar said “we decided to support BJP for the sake on common man. We want to resolve the issues of the farmers. We are here for their welfare”. He also said “the government should be formed by the ones, who have been given majority by the people.

This is Ajit’s personal decision

Sharad Pawar reacted on the BJP-NCP alliance. He tweeted “Ajit pawar’s move to form government with the BJP is his personal decision. I do not have any say in the decision and the NCP does not endorse this decision.

It is to be noted that this was realized only when Sharad Pawar did not reach Fadnavis oath-taking ceremony. However, political experts say that this alliance is impossible without the will of Sharad Pawar.