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Airport officials rescue cobra from landing gear of a plane


Even as airlines struggle to get passengers, a cobra decided to take flight literally at the Ahmedabad airport on Monday late night. The cobra had parked itself in the landing gear of an aircraft that was parked at the airport. The airport officials rushed to the spot to remove the freeloader reptile and it took them almost an hour to rescue the snake.

Since the incident happened at night and the plane was parked it did not create any scare among passengers. The airport officials were informed about a snake in the landing gear of one of the parked planes at 9 pm in the evening. The officials also called snake rescuers and their primary concern was that their efforts to remove the reptile may end up encouraging it to get into other parts of the plane. After the rescue, the snake was put in a bottle and safely released afar. The airport is surrounded by several fields and it is likely that the reptile may have come from one of the farms.

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Ahmedabad airport has often reported problems of dog and other stray menace with many times flights being diverted due to their presence. Despite several efforts, strays continue to be a headache for the authorities. In 2018, a cow had entered the operational area of the airport and two flights had to abort their landing after they spotted the bovine at the airport.