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Airport Director of Vadodara Announce 1000 Cash Reward for 1 Pigeon Catcher


Vadodara Airport of Gujarat has been upgraded at a cost of Rs 160 crore. Despite the various facilities here, the movement of pigeons has created new trouble. Here a herd of 16 pigeons has created an empire of filth. To get rid of this problem, the airport director has announced to pay one thousand rupees for catching one pigeon.

The integrated building at Vadodara Airport has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. But 16 pigeons have set up their base here. Due to which there is difficulty in maintaining cleanliness at the airport. The airport authority has failed to control these pigeons. Due to which, citizens have been called upon to help them to eliminate this inconvenience. For this, they will be paid one thousand rupees per pigeon.

According to Charan Singh, director of Vadodara Airport Authority, there was a terror of pigeons at the Chennai airport. The local people gave a lot of support to deal with it. People of certain castes there are expert in catching pigeons. The Chennai Airport Authority contacted these people and got them pigeons.

He said that it is not easy to drive away the pigeons while staying at around 25 feet. While they do not want to brutally kill pigeons. They have no problem with pigeons. But due to dirtiness, most travelers are getting trouble. Therefore, they have approached the Chennai Airport Authority to catch the pigeons.