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AIMIM’s newly appointed Gujarat chief Sabir Kabliwala takes shelter in temple


Abhishek Pandey, Ahmedabad: Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM, which has become the hallmark of religious fundamentalism, has announced that it will contest the local body elections in Gujarat. The responsibility of establishing the party in the state has been placed on the shoulders of former Congress MLA Sabir Kabliwala.

After getting the new responsibility, a video of Kabliwala is getting fiercely viral on social media these days. In the video, Kabliwala is seen performing Ganesha’s aarti. The latest video of the AIMIM president, whose politics is focused around Muslims, can be a major problem for him. This video is viral on various social media platforms and Gujarat Exclusive cannot ascertain its authenticity.

If we delve deep into the results of the last municipal corporation elections, only one Muslim councillor was elected in Vadodara. At the same time, not a single Muslim candidate was successful in Rajkot, two Muslim councillors were elected in Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation and four Muslims were successful in Surat. The highest number of Muslim candidates were elected in Ahmedabad. Notably, 20 Muslim councillors made it to the civic body.

But, this time, it will be a completely different contest due to demarcation. The BJP government has demarcated Muslim dominated areas in a way that they have been divided into multiple parts. In such a situation, it is expected that the representation of Muslims will go down after demarcation. If AIMIM candidates contest elections from these seats, chances are that the Muslim votes will be divided and it will result in an easy victory for BJP candidates.

Because of Kabliwala’s antics, Congress had denied him a ticket in the 2012 Assembly election. After that Kabliwala was often seen roaming around the BJP high command secretly. In such a situation, AIMIM selecting Kabliwala as the state president gives strength to allegations that it is a “B team” of BJP.

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Amid all the tussle and accusations, it will be interesting to see whether the Muslims of Gujarat trust Kabliwala or not? At the same time, the manner in which Kabliwala gathered the army of goons and anti-social elements to welcome AIMIM’s Aurangabad MP Imtiyaz Jaleel and former Maharashtra MLA Waris Khan Pathan in Gujarat, it will be interesting to see whether educated Muslims, businessmen and religious leaders give their support to Kabliwala, or not.