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Ahmedabad Youth Addicted to a New Drug, getting high on whitener


Ahmedabad: Youth who are considered the future of the country, are now addicted to drugs which are easily available to them. But the kids of small age group do not have enough money to buy these drugs and therefore they have found new ways to get high. These kids use liquids such as whitener and eraser ink to get high. A similar case has come to light in which the 38-year-old father form Nava Naroda has also filed a complaint against the operator of a stationery at the Gatoraj Bapunagar police station.

As stated in the complaint, the minor was sniffing whitener in his room. When the father inquired with him as to what he was doing, the minor threw away the whitener and said that he feels uneasy if he does not inhale whitener and gets relief only after sniffing whitener. When the father inquired where did he get this whitener from? The son said that he got it from stationary in India Colony.

When the father confronted the stationary owner regarding the matter, the owner said that many children buy stationary from here and what use they make of it is not my concern.  A complaint was registered against Prafulchandra in this regard and search was done at his stationary. 58 samples of whiteners were seized from the place. Whitener is also very popular for such intoxicants. Although only 18 year old can buy these items, but children can also easily but these items. The substance is injurious to health, but many use this as a coffee product. According to experts, compared to alcohol whitener intoxication is more dangerous.

In fact, the Acetate Chemical used in Whitener is harmful to the human body and even sniffing is considered dangerous. The sale of Eraz X whitener is said to be forbidden to children under 18 years of age. The company has written clear instructions to Whitener that if the product is smoked or inhaled, it may prove harmful and harmful to the body.

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