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Ahmedabad’s Montu Namdar complaints of extortion call from Maya don in Sola area


A complaint of alleged extortion was made by one Montu Namdar of Ahmedabad who was threatened by one Pradeep alias Maya Don of Sola. 

Maya Don allegedly asked Montu Namdar to pay Rs50 lakh or his son Prince would be kidnapped. So far there are 12 cases registered against Maya Don in various police stations of Ahmedabad including Satellite, Naranpura and Sola.

Interestingly it has emerged that Maya Don got the contact details of Montu Naamdar from one Sachin Namdar. Sachin Namdar was convicted of the murder of Girish Namdar, the uncle of Montu Namdar. The family has been at loggerheads over several disputes.

Prince Montu Gandhi (Namdar) a resident of Isanpur has filed a case against Pradip alias Maya Don (Brahmaprakash Yadav) and Pawan alias Sachin Namdar for trying to extort Rs50 lakh from them.

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Prince Namdar has a farm on the Vatva Ring Road. He told cops that on September 20, he was with his father Montu Namdar at his farm when the latter got a call from Maya Don at 9 pm.

The caller identified himself as Maya Don and allegedly told Montu that Sachin Namdar had informed him that Montu was earning well and hence he should pay Maya Don Rs50 lakh. 

He threatened to kidnap and abuse Montu’s son Prince if he failed to pay heed to the demand.

Since Montu’s grandchild had fallen ill the family had been at the hospital. Later Prince’s wife tried to file a complaint with Vatva police station but the cops only took an application and said they would investigate the matter. 

Prince Namdar then approached police commissioner Sanjay Srivastav to complain against Vatva police and it was only then that the cops got a formal complaint registered against Maya Don, 18 days after the incident.

The family dispute of the Namdar family and links to extortion

Sachin Namdar and Raju Namdar had killed Girish Namdar, the uncle of Montu 26 years ago over a family dispute. The two were later sentenced to life. Sachin Namdar was recently released after his jail term came to an end.

He now lives in the Satellite area. Montu Namdar himself has several cases of gambling and such against him. Maya Don had been in the news when he fired an air gun on the SG Highway some time ago. He has been accused under the Arms Act, of assaulting cops and extortion among others.


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