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Ahmedabad police commissioner’s transfer? It’s just a rumour


Dirghayu Vyas, Ahmedabad: After the recent IAS transfers, the government corridors have been buzzing for quite some time with talks of IPS transfers. If the grapevine is to be believed, police commissioners of Rajkot and Surat could be on the list. Also, senior officers of the rank of DCP are likely to get transferred along with much-awaited promotions. However, Ahmedabad police commissioner Sanjay Srivastava’s transfer happens to be just a rumour, reliable sources said.

Ahmedabad CP not going anywhere

For the past several months, there has been a strong buzz that Ahmedabad city police commissioner Sanjay Srivastava would be moved out of the commissionerate and be given complete charge of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), which is currently his additional charge. The corresponding buzz is that Surat CP Ajay Tomar will replace Srivastava.

However, sources told Gujarat Exclusive, Srivastava is not going anywhere and the talks of his transfer are merely a rumour. It is well known that he enjoys the complete confidence of the government, a necessary condition for someone who heads ACB. However, equally important is the position of the Ahmedabad CP.

Srivastava is a senior officer and is well-versed in matters of law and order. He also knows the city well and has a background in intelligence in the city. He has also managed to steer clear of controversies. Additionally, he is known to keep everyone along in matters of importance. If Srivastava is moved out at the moment, it would be difficult for the government to find an appropriate and equally competent replacement.

According to sources, had Srivastava’s transfer been on the cards, it would have been ordered ahead of the civic body elections. But that did not happen.

The sources added that a senior officer in the administration had shown a lot of interest in the transfer of the Ahmedabad CP ahead of the elections. Instead, that officer was sidelined. The message was clear—the Ahmedabad CP wasn’t going anywhere.

This officer was reportedly reprimanded recently by the government as well as the BJP high command. Sources said BJP leaders had got to know that he had helped AAP workers on the sly. Call it a punishment, but he may now be shunted and end up with an insignificant posting in CID, home guard, or another such place.

Change in Rajkot, Surat likely

Meanwhile, there is a strong likelihood of the transfer of the Rajkot police commissioner. The names of Piyush Patel, Narasimha Komar, Rajkumar Pandian and Dr KLN Rao are doing rounds as possible replacements. Pandian’s name may be considered for either Surat or Rajkot.

Approximately 60 junior and senior IPS officers and range officers may also be transferred. There may be a change of guard in the Rajkot range, Bhavnagar range, Surat range, and the currently vacant Vadodara range. The majority of senior district-level officers may also be shuffled.

As mentioned earlier, DCP-rank officers of Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara may be promoted and transferred. They may be elevated to the rank of DIG, the formalities for which have reportedly been completed, according to sources.

Around eight ACP-rank officers may be promoted as DCP and may get city positing. The district police circuit, too, may see major reshuffling.

Ashish Bhatia not going on leave

The talk of Gujrat DGP Ashish Bhatia heading on a long leave because of health reasons is also a rumour, said sources, adding that it seems to be the handiwork of a particular group with an agenda.


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