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Man nabbed by Ahmedabad Police for black marketing jabs for treating black fungus


The Ahmedabad Police has booked a man from the city’s Amraiwadi area for selling Amphotericin B, a jab used for treating mucormycosis infection, at inflated rates. The accused Hitesh Makwana has been booked for cheating.

Even as the COVID-19 cases and deaths have significantly come down, mucormycosis, or black fungus, cases are on the rise in Gujarat and Maharashtra. With the surge in cases, the demand for medications to treat the rare but deadly fungal infection has also gone up resulting in its black marketing. Till last week, Gujarat reported nearly 5,500 cases of black fungus.

As per the available information, the accused used to procure Amphotericin B injections and then sell them at exorbitant rates. He used to procure the jabs from a friend in Rajasthan and sell it in Ahmedabad.

Complaint received against Hitesh Makwana

A relative of an Isanpur resident Niketsinh Parmar got infected with mucormycosis and had to be admitted to a hospital in Rajkot. The treating doctors said injections are required for the treatment of the fungal infection.

During the hunt for injections, Parmar and his friends came to know about the accused and that the latter was selling them in Ahmedabad. They contacted Makwana and bought 42 Amphotericin B injections from him for Rs 7.97 lakh. After procuring the injections, they were sent to Rajkot.

However, the condition of the patient did not improve even after the administration of 22 jabs. Following this, Parmar and his friends returned to Ahmedabad with the remaining injections and filed a complaint against Makwana, who has now been arrested.

Similar incidents

In a similar incident, the Ahmedabad Police nabbed four people on May 20 for allegedly black marketing Amphotericin B injections. The accused were selling each injection for over Rs 10,000 against a maximum retail price of Rs 315. The accused were residents of Ghatlodia, Vadaj and Naranpura.

Earlier this month, three persons were arrested for black-marketing of Amphotericin-B injections. One of the accused works as a nurse in the SVP Hospital while another works in the Civil Hospital in Asarwa.


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