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Ahmedabad may report 8 lakh COVID-19 cases by May-end: Vijay Nehra


Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC ) commissioner Vijay Nehra has said the number of COVID-19 cases in the city might increase to eight lakh by the end of May, if the current rate of four-day doubling period continues.

“At present, the rate of doubling of cases in Ahmedabad is four days, which means that cases double every four days. If this rate continues, we will have 50,000 cases by May 15 and around 8 lakh by May 31,” Nehra said in a video message.

Notably, Ahmedabad is leading in terms of both cases and deaths due to coronavirus in the state. Till 5 pm of April 24, Ahmedabad had reported 1,821 cases and 83 deaths, whereas the total number of cases and deaths in Gujarat was 2,815 and 127, respectively.

“Our target is to bring down this rate to eight days, which will be a very difficult task because very few countries have achieved it,” said Nehra.

According to the municipal commissioner, the US and Europe currently have a doubling rate of four days and only South Korea has achieved the eight-day rate.

“If we can slow down the doubling rate to eight days, our cases will be only 10,000 by May 15 instead of 50,000. Similarly, the cases will be just 50,000 by May 31 instead of the estimated eight lakh,” Nehra explained.

“The way Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is taking steps, we are confident of achieving this with the help of people’s cooperation,” added Nehra.

He stressed that the doubling rate must be brought down before the lockdown comes to an end on May 3.

Gujarat reports 191 COVID-19 cases, 15 deaths in 24-hours; 14 deaths in Ahmedabad