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Ahmedabad Man Sues Condom Company After Wife Gets Pregnant


In Ahmedabad, several incidents are reported every day, but a unique case has come to light in which a women working for a private airlines in Pune was removed from her job after he become pregnant, now the husband of the woman has sued the condom company and filed a case.

A model from Mumbai and working for the Pune based Airways Company, had married an engineer based in Ahmedabad. The couple signed a marriage agreement where they agreed upon the conditions of family planning. However, she was reported pregnant after three years of marriage. Clashes started between the two after the news of pregnancy. During the dispute, wife filed a divorce petition before the Family Court for cheating against the agreement in the marriage, later she has filed a petition in the High Court when the family court rejected her application.

Counselling is currently underway to send both of them to the arbitration centre. In this regard, husband has filed a lawsuit against a condom-making company seeking consumer protection against divorce.

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