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Ahmedabad: FSL Reveals Bus Driver’s Fault in BRTS Accident


In a recent BRTS accident, two brothers lost their lives due to negligence of a driver, which also caused people to break into the bus and corridor, and the system also fell into disarray leading to the investigation.

The investigation has come up against the FSL’s report which found that the driver of the bus was frightened of taking the effect so that there was no balance on the bus and he did not brake and crushed both brothers. On the other hand, the entire investigation has been handed over to the SP and information has been revealed that they will investigate the case deeply.

Traffic police said about the driver’s confession in an accident. The driver of the BRTS admitted that he had not seen the BRTS signal turned off or on. The bus had seen the general traffic signal.

After which the traffic police said that during the investigation, it was revealed that the corporation has set a BRTS bus signal of 5 seconds. However, the bus is unable to move from one side to the other in 5 seconds, so the traffic department has reported that 10 to 15 seconds should be done instead of 5 seconds.

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