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Ahmedabad: 11-year-old girl Flora Asodia becomes collector for a day


In a heart-warming development, an 11-year-old girl was made the collector in Ahmedabad on Saturday. The girl, a class 7 student and a resident of Gandhinagar, Flora Asodia, suffers from a brain tumour.

The girl always dreamt of becoming a collector and her wish was fulfilled by Ahmedabad collector Sandip Sangle. Notably, Asodia recently had a surgery after which her condition deteriorated.

Sangle said, “Flora is from Gandhinagar and is suffering from a brain tumour. Last month, she underwent surgery and her condition deteriorated. We received a message from Make-A-Wish Foundation that the girl wants to become a collector.”

After receiving the request, the collector said that he contacted the girl’s family and requested them to fulfill her dream. “We requested Flora’s parents to make her collector for a day but they were reluctant as her condition deteriorated after the surgery. But finally we succeeded in persuading them,” he added.

Meanwhile, the collector also celebrated her birthday, which is on September 25, on Saturday. While showering his blessings on her, he said, “I wish she gets well soon and works hard to fulfil her dream. I also thank everyone who helped in fulfilling her dream today.”

What Flora’s father said

Flora’s father Apoorv Asodia said, “At present, Flora is studying in Class 7 and has been suffering from a brain tumour for the last seven months. She has always wanted to become a collector.”

“Prior to the diagnosis of brain tumour, she was very good in studies. Today, (Collector) (Mr) Sandip sir, Make-A-Wish Foundation helped my daughter in becoming a collector. It was an immense pleasure for me and I thank everyone for fulfilling her dream,” her father added. Flora also received many gifts at the collector’s office.


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