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Ahmedabad: Court fines cops for casual approach


A sessions court in Ahmedabad has imposed a penalty of Rs 5,000 each on the in-charge of Amraiwadi police station as well as the investigation officer of a murder case. The penalty was imposed for their lackadaisical approach and not taking court orders seriously.

The court order came in response to a bail plea filed by one of the accused in a murder case.

What did the court say?

The court remarked: “This Court is of the considered opinion that the concerned police officials of Amraiwadi Police Station are not taking the directions issued by this Court seriously, particularly when the matter involves the liberty of an Under Trial Prisoner, rather the entire approach of concerned police officials is absolutely casual, which is unacceptable. Hence, in these circumstances, this Court is of the opinion that a strict order is required to be passed against the erring police officials of Amraiwadi Police Station.”

It further said: “This Court cannot lose sight of entire act and conduct of the police officials of Amraiwadi police station, hence, a cost of Rs 5,000/- each (as envisaged under Section 309 of the Code of Criminal Procedure) is imposed upon concerned Investigating Officer of this case as well as In-charge of Amraiwadi Police Station (since he is also directly responsible for non-compliance on the part of his subordinate officers) for non-compliance of the order passed by this Court.”

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The court instructed the police administration that the penalty imposed on the erring officials should be deducted from their salaries and deposited in the district legal services authority.

Court granted multiple opportunities to police

While the bail application was filed on September 10 by one of the accused, the court sought a reply from the police by September 15. It also directed the concerned police officials to bring the police papers. However, nobody turned up for the investigation agency on September 15 due to which the hearing was adjourned to September 16.

However, again nobody turned up on behalf of the police except a clerk of the public prosecutor’s office. The court again granted an opportunity to the police officials and posted the matter on September 18. But, on September 18 too, no one appeared and the court, as the last chance, asked the police to submit police papers by September 21. However, no one appeared on that day too, forcing the court to impose the punishment.

Eventually, the matter was adjourned till September 23, when the court granted bail to the applicant.


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