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Ahmedabad cop arrested with drugs worth Rs 1 cr


The Detection of Crime Branch, Ahmedabad, on Sunday arrested a cop and three other persons in connection with a drug racket. The arrested cop has been identified as Firozkhan Nagori, an assistant sub-inspector rank officer posted with Danilimda police station in Ahmedabad.

Nagori along with the three other accused have been arrested from the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway. The accused were coming from Mumbai in a car.

The police recovered 995 gram MD drug having a market value of around Rs 99.5 lakh. The police have also recovered mobile phones, police uniform, cap, belt, baton, shoes and black handbag among other things.

Apart from the cop, the other accused arrested in the case include Imran Ibrahim Padhiyar and Mohammed Arif Jamaluddin Kazi. The accused are residents of Ahmedabad’s Jamalpur.

Cop used as a ‘carrier’

DCB officials said the drug racket was using the cop as a carrier. They said that the cop used to sit in the car in police uniform to avoid any suspicion while carrying drugs from Mumbai.

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They claimed that they had specific information about this drug racket that used to bring drugs from Mumbai. Based on the inputs, they intercepted an Alto car and searched it. Thus, they found the contraband.

What DCB says?

DCB officials claimed: “Nagori used to sit in the car wearing his uniform while travelling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in order to avoid suspicion. There is CCTV footage which shows him sitting in the uniform and later changing it after reaching close to Ahmedabad.”

Police said that the drug was procured from Mumbai with the help of Shahzad Hussain Tezabwala and Imran A Ajmeri. These two suspects had been arrested in another drug haul case of 2019 involving 1.469 kg of methamphetamine drug worth Rs 1.46 crore. Both Shahzad and Imran are out on bail.


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