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Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner AK Singh likely to become CRPF DG


Gandhinagar: Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner Anup Singh (AK Singh) will be taken to Delhi deputation in a short time. DG AK Singh’s retirement will be due in September 2020 as per age limit but he is likely to be made CRPF’s new DG before he retired. AK Singh will be replaced as DG Rajivarai Bhatnagar is going to be retired next month, as per the information from source that there is a possibility that the CRPF will be made DG.

Gujarat DGP Shivanand Jha will be retired in next April and after that the most senior IPS officer is of Ahmedabad city Police Commissioner, AK Singh of 1985 Bench. But according to the Supreme Court guidelines, the IPS officer who will have more than six months of retirement can become DGP of that state. Union Home Ministry has decided to take the Ahmedabad police commissioner AK Singh said to Center on deputation. Reliable sources said that Ahmedabad Police Commissioner AK Singh has also been informed about the decision of the Union Home Ministry. There has been talk of Ahmedabad Police Commissioner AK Singh going to Delhi deputation for a long time but now he has decided to take him to Delhi as he has only one year left to retire.

AK Singh will be taken to Delhi and likely to be posted in place of DG of CRPF Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar of 1983 Bench is of Uttar Pradesh cadre who is going to retiring in November 2019. In addition, the NSE (National Security Guard) DG has been vacant for the last two months so may be A K Singh will be posted that place, if not be posted as the DG of CRPF. Ahmedabad Police Commissioner AK Singh has previously been posted as DIG in SPG (Special Protection Group) but is now more likely to be made DG of CRPF than NSE DG.

For the last five years, Sara Rizvi, an officer of the SP rank of the 2008 Gujarat cadre, was been working as Assistant Director in the Central Intelligence Department and she is appointed as SP at Delhi BPRD (Bureau of Police Research and Development), the order will be made shortly. IPS Sara Rizvi was serving at Sikkim in the central intelligence department.