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Watch what you eat! Pani puri chutney samples from Satellite, Jodhpur, Memnagar ‘unsafe’

  • AMC health department has tested 460 samples of edible items in past two months

Ahmedabad: Think twice before you ignore health warnings to gorge on the spicy pani puri at roadside stalls. During inspections conducted over the past two months, the health department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has found several edible items either misbranded, sub-standard or unfit for consumption, including the chutney served in pani puri.

The AMC teams had collected 460 different samples of food items from across the city over two months for inspection. In the report that was declared on Wednesday, it emerged that 10 samples had been misbranded, two were found to be sub-standard and six were deemed unfit.

The report reveals that the samples of the chutney (or flavoured water) provided in pani puri at certain shops in Satellite, Memnagar and Jodhpur were found to be unsafe.

In Satellite, the chutney sold at Bhavnaben panipuri shop in Krishnashray flats on Prernatirth road was deemed unsafe or unhealthy.

Samples from RK’s Kishan Pani Puri centre in Asmi Shopping Cenre opposite Memnagar fire station and Jagdish Shah Pakodi Centre in Nandanvan 3 in Jodhpur Gam were also found to be unsafe.

Besides pani puri, the malai barfi of Ramdev Dairy in Isanpur as well as water from 1-litre bottle of Rainbow Packaged Drinking Water of Parshwa Sales on Sarkhej-Sanand road and from 500 ml bottle of packaged drinking water of SH Sales (Shayona) in Idgah area on Dariapur road were found unsafe. It was reported that consumption of this water could leave people ill.

Police action will be taken against vendors whose sample have failed in AMC’s inspection.

AMC has also collected samples of farali food items that are widely consumed by those who fast during the ongoing month of Shravan. The samples have been sent for testing. These include samples of chivda, moraiyaa, rajgira flour, shingoda flour, farali flour, wafers, buff wada, biscuits, oil, etc. The results are currently awaited.

As per AMC press release, suspicious samples of farali food items were collected from different areas on August 24. They have been sent to the food laboratory for inspection. Meanwhile, 10 units have been issued notice and 27 kg of edible items was destroyed.


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