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A Bear at Ahmedabad Airport is kept to keep away the monkeys; wait What ?


If you see bears at Ahmedabad airport, then you need not be afraid of them because they are not bears but the employees of Ahmedabad airport in the clothes of bears, which have been deployed for your safe journey. The Ahmedabad Airport Authority has been doing various experiments to drive away birds and monkeys causing problems in safe flight and arrival. But now keeping in mind the growing bear terror at the airport, 25 employees of the airport have been posted at the airport in Bear’s costume. These workers will also be seen around the airport tunnel.

Ahmedabad Airport is surrounded by trees and plants from all around and it is common to see tall tail Monkeys around the terminal. For a long time, Ahmedabad airport officials have been trying to drive these Monkeys away. In April 2019, a group of 15 Monkeys entered the operational area and more than 10 flights were delayed and two flights had to be diverted. In the same manner, in April 2017, two flights had to wait a long time because the Monkeys had come on the runway and the officials were trying to drive them away.

Till now, monkeys were banished at the airport in the traditional way. According to the rule, if an animal is roaming in an operational area, flights are not allowed to land. Airport officials burst firecrackers to shoo these animals, shout sirens and run from sticks. The airport director said that we will continue these traditional methods. Apart from this, now the voice of the bear will be recorded and played. He said that I do not think there is any such arrangement at any other airport to deal with bears.