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Ahmedabad: 488 railway passengers test COVID-19 positive


Manoj K Karia, Ahmedabad: At least 488 people who came to Ahmedabad in trains in the last 20 days tested positive for COVID-19. The passengers were tested at the Kalupur Railway Station by the health department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

Notably, 33,289 railway passengers were tested during September 7 and September 26. Of this, 488 tested positive. While the numbers indicate the gravity of the situation, there was no such testing facility available at the railway station before September 7 and one can imagine the number of passengers who entered Ahmedabad while being infected with the coronavirus.

3 daily trains to Ahmedabad

As of now, three trains arrive in the city from various locations on a daily basis. It includes Ahmedabad-Delhi Rajdhani Express, Muzaffarpur Express and Gorakhpur Express.

This apart, Howrah Express also arrives in the city on a weekly basis.

COVID-19 positive patients treated at railway facility

The railways have started a COVID Care Centre nearby the Sabarmati Railway Station. Now, passengers who test positive and exhibit serious symptoms of the virus are taken to the railway facility for treatment. Others are quarantined at home.

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Earlier, passengers who tested positive and needed hospitalisation used to be sent to city’ COVID hospitals. However, the railway administration’s new centre has ensured that the COVID care hospitals of AMC and the state government do not get overburdened because of railway passengers testing positive for the virus.

AMC’s strategic change

Earlier, AMC used to carry out tests by tracing migrant labours at their workplaces. However, it was difficult for the AMC health team to track migrants across the city and carry out their tests. Therefore, they decided to start an active testing campaign at the railway station itself as most migrants from other states arrive in the city on trains.


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