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After Steep Rise, LPG Prices Reduce On The First Day of March


On the very first day of March prices of LPG have come down just before Holi. The reduced rates have come into force from today. That is, if you if you book a refill today you will get the cylinder at a lower price. Now the question is, how much price has been reduced? The LPG gas has been reduced by Rs. 52.50. This reduction has been done on non-subsidized LPG cylinders and if the cylinder is of 14.2 kg, then you are going to get a benefit of Rs 52.50 directly on one cylinder. The cylinder you used to get for Rs 893.50, now it will be available for Rs 841 only.

last month there was an increase in the price of LPG cylinders, when Rs 144.50 was increased on one cylinder, since then the consumers were facing a problem and now they have got some relief. Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan, said LPG prices may go down next month. He further said that, “This is not true that the price (of LPG) is constantly increasing. This month it was hiked due to the international market. However, there are indications that the prices may come down next month.” Last week, domestic gas prices had increased by Rs 144 to 50 paise.

Oil companies have also cut the prices of commercial cylinders i.e. for 19 kg cylinders Rs 84.50 has been deducted and for commercial cylinders, only Rs 1465.50 will have to be paid. This has also brought some relief to businessmen. Not only this, the rates have also been reduced on 5 kg cylinders. On a five kg cylinder, Rs 18.50 has been reduced. Now this cylinder will be available for 308 rupees only.