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After rain damage, village restores electricity connection on its own

  • Internal villages in the region were cut off after the causeway began to flood
  • Electricity supply got disconnected due to heavy rains and villagers near the State of Unity decided to restore it on their own.
  • Gujarat has so far received 84% of its annual average rainfall

Vishal Mistry, Rajpipla: Junaraj village near Statue of Unity did not bother to wait for the administration to get over its lethargy so that the electricity could be restored in their village.  The men in the village came together to re-erect electricity poles that had fallen due to the heavy rains and wind. They also put their life at risk to restore electricity connection.


Gujarat has recorded heavy rains in the last many days with several areas being flooded. It has also cut off several internal villages in the state as roads have been washed away or are inundated.  Junaraj village has been making do without electricity for the last six days after several trees and electric poles were uprooted due to the heavy rain and wind. 

Narmada village electrictiy

What happened during the rains

The wires connecting the village to the electricity source were also snapped. Since it is a mountainous forest region, the lack of electricity created more problems for the villagers. Villagers decided not to wait for the administration as that would delay things further. Once the rain stopped the villagers got together to remove the rubble including trees from in and around the electricity poles. 

They then erected the poles on their own and used wires to restore the connection. It took three days for the villagers to restore electricity connection. A local who helped with the work said they had the option of informing the electricity provider about the connections going kaput. 

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“But they would have given bad roads and heavy rains as an excuse.
Which means we would have to go for another week without electricity,” he said.
“We decided to take matters into our own hands and do the repairs and restore the connection,” he said. 

Villagers said they decided to do things on their own as earlier too similar incidents have happened
and the company took a long time in addressing the problem.

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