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After Modi’s Attack on Congress in LS, PM Modi’s Address Begins in RS


PM Narendra Modi has been fiercely attacking the Congress in the Lok Sabha has started his address by reaching the Rajya Sabha. Replying to the debate in Rajya Sabha on a motion thanking the president for his address to the joint sitting of both houses of Parliament. During this, he addressed that whatever decision was taken regarding Jammu and Kashmir, the decision was taken after intense discussion. Today the result is being seen. After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the people there have benefited many.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the discussion in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. In his reply, the Prime Minister targeted the Congress on CAA, Jammu and Kashmir, North East, Bodo Accord, all schemes, anti-Sikh riots. PM Modi said in the Rajya Sabha that I have appeared before you to give a vote of thanks on the President’s address. He said that my aspiration for a new artist in the new decade has disappointed me.

PM Modi spoke in the Lok Sabha for about 100 minutes on the thanksgiving motion brought on the President’s address. During this time, the PM discussed CAA, Article-370, Government’s work in detail. The PM said that CAA is not going to affect any citizen of India. While referring to Rahul Gandhi’s statement that he would beat the poles and said that he would strengthen his back by saluting the sun. During his address to the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi also targeted Gulab Nabi Azad. He said,“Ghulam Nabi Azad ji said the decisions on Jammu and Kashmir were taken without any discussion. This is not correct. The entire nation had witnessed the detailed discussions on the subject. MPs have voted in favour of the decisions.”