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After IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad stood for CAA


Ahmedabad: The Citizen Amendment Act(CAA) protest at Jamia University has turn into a brutal war like situation. Entire country is burning, public is protesting against the Citizenship Act. People are standing on roads opposing the Act and demanding the protection of constitution. Students are actively participating from various universities like IIT Bombay, BHU and so on across the country in support of Jamia. As a result of the protest and to maintain law and order colleges to remain shut for an undefined period. A protest in support of Jamia students has been noticed today when Ahmedabad students came together to show there anger and protest against the CAA. Students have sympathy with the Jamians and they believe that citizenship amendment bill is an action by force, smashing the constitution.

In Ahmedabad, people from different organization gathered in front of IIM and started protesting on the footpath. Majority of the people were students of IIM- Ahmedabad.

The protest started at 4 pm today and their demand is to withdraw The Citizen Amendment Act. People continued their protest by taking banners and posters in their hands.

According to the information received, police permission was not taken for this protest in Ahmedabad. After that the Gujarat police reached on the protest spot and took more than 80 students in custody. They further took them to the University Police Station.