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After backlash, matrimonial website removes skin filter option


Matrimonial website has removed the skin filter option from its app, after an online petition by a woman in Dallas, USA who questioned the same. Other users also joined in to question the site that allowed a filter for skin tone where the users could say how dark or light skinned they were and could search for partners using the same.

“There is no skin color filter on, on any of its platforms. What is being referred to is several year old product debris left-over in one of our advanced search pages on the website, which is non-functional and barely used and hence it did not come to our attention,”a spokesperson was quoted by the media in a statement.

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“When a user highlighted this, we were thankful and had the remnants removed immediately as it was a non-functional aspect of the product. We do not discriminate based on skin color and our member base is as diverse and pluralistic as the world today is,” it added.